Friday 19 August 2011

Saxon Warriors (Emhar)

Or, as with the Vikings...Emhar or Imex. as is shown in the PSR review.
Like the vikings, these are made of hard glueable plastic, and I´m in the process of converting a few now. The head swops are a dream...cut the head off one bod and glue on another (obviously the recipient has had his old head removed first)  using normal plastic kit glue.

These were sent to me along with the Vikings by Dan from the Command tent..and I say again, thanks mate...they are real fun to paint and convert. :-D

I went for a toned down colour scheme, no brightly coloured shileds etc.   I consider these the levy type of foot soldiers, no chain mail, basic helmets and weaponary.
One thing to watch out for...the thin parts like the shafts of weapons...only use a very tiny bit of glue on them...they melt very quickly!!!!