Monday 1 July 2013

John d ´Engaigne, John Grey and Aymer de la Zouche

3 more english Knights etc to bring their numbers up to 31. Only a few more Knights to go....:-D
From left to right;
John d Èngaigne,  Aymer de la Zouche,  John Grey
A couple of signallers. The signaller on the left is from the Army of Henry V set, but he´s had a head swop and the one on the right has had his axe replaced with one from a Valdemar weapons set.  
The Forces so far..

That little lot has given me a headache..not just the painting but the research (which is all too often contradictory) so the Bannockburn Project will get shelved for a while...................well, that´s the plan
This, from a series called great battles is worth a look (I´ve been told it´s pretty accurate with only a couple of mistakes)