Wednesday 19 February 2014

Forum Romanum Mk II

The old Forum wasn´t quite forummy lacked a Basilica, so a bigger one has been built. No red paintwork on the pillars..the town was starting to look to much like RTW.
Rear side. Normally, around the courtyard there would have been Shops, but I´ve used a single wall as adding two walls for the Shops would have meant expanding the area of the whole Thing and it would have put the whole town out of `Balance`.
The pillars. Paper and toothpicks ;-).
The whole town so far, 19 of the panned 40 buildings. The original Forum, which will now become a "Macellum". It´s a bit too small to add a maybe I´ll convert it into a housing block or stables and build a new Macelum.