Tuesday 26 July 2011

Medieval wagons and baggage master

A couple more wagons to add to my Previous baggage train. I think this will be all for now....oops!!...I´ve forgotton Benny and Buddy...they still need a wagon to pull...oh well...back to the workbench

Wagon from the Airfix Waterloo set...(after 30 years I have finally found a use for it ) wheels from the Airfix Waterloo french artillery, Oxen from Pegasus, Bod from Zvezda and the baggage from Zvezda medieval Artillery set
Again, wagon from Airfix, horses from miniart, bod from zvezda and the baggage from tiolet paper.:-D
Baggage master.. All zvezda..the horse and legs from The french Medieval Cavalry and the top half from the artillery set.
Hello to Roberto from Shermanholic blog...but not only shermans as the blog name suggests...all manner of AFV´s...the SPA AS43 is one I´ve never seen before.

Great this blogging game...you get to see so many things you have never seen before...:-D