Thursday 16 June 2011

Carpentum (odemars)

Carpentum!? What the heck is that? A wagon basically,,The PSR review answers it better than I can, so I´ll stop the scribbling and put up the pics
The roof supplied was way to fiddly and small so I made my own from guess what?? Green floor insulation with some braided copper wire around the edge :-D
The very first and the very last time I "dipped" anything in any sort of clever and expensive shader. The nags look too glossy and no...I won´t use dullcoat. It´s a reminder for myself to either paint properly the first time or not at all.
OOPS!! Watch looks as if mother in law´s come for the ride !!
Hello to Kevin Howroyd. Kevin  paints and games in a range of scales and periods. His Jacobites are lovely!!! He even has his own games room..the lucky ***** :-D
Oh...sorry,  his blog...Kevs Wargames Cabin