Tuesday 26 October 2010

Airfix Sopwith Pup 1917

Another of those kits that come with a potted history along the lines of..."ooh by the way, this plane was flown by such and such. On the bright but frosty morning of November...bla ..bla..he had a boiled egg with toast soldiers and tea for breakfast then went off to  gracefully shoot down  someone else sitting in another cardboard box with wings!." (I obviously made all of that up*)
The kit is meant to represent the plane flown by J.T.B McCudden.
And here he is at the end of the day with a well deserved pint!! (after the eggs he had for breakfast I pity the poor sod who has to share a billet with him!!)
 Again, the bod from DDS Pilots of the first world war
(* or did I?)