Friday 25 January 2013

Johann von Bolchen and Friedrich von Befort

Johann von Bolchen and Friedrich von Befort, two knights from Luxembourg who fought alongside the french at Crecy. I´ve looked and looked but cannot find any references to exactly where they came from, their part in the battle, wether they died or survived.
The flags are taken from the Krigsspiel site and the only re-checking I could find was HERE. The devices are the same on both sites so as far as these pair go....job done :-D

Friedrich von Befort.
Horse and bod from  Accurate´s  French knights set.

Johann von Bolchen.
Horse and bod from Zvezda´s French knights set

With an estimated 35 Bohemian, 35 Luxembourg, 42 french and about 140 english flags and banners to go, the project to represent every banner used at Crecy could last a while.