Sunday 15 January 2012

Khandibarian Cavalry

There´s no Arab cavalry sets!!!!! OK, the airfix Arabs(Bedouins) set but you only get 3 riders and the nags need fixing to thier stands! So..a bit of converting is called for.
The Airfix bods are unchanged. The rest are from the Hat Numidian cavalry set with head swops from Caeser Arabs and Escis Muslims.  The bugler got a head and arm swop...

Flag from Warflag
Nags from different sets including Italeri, Zvezda and Hat
And a couple of infantry conversions using bods from the Esci muslim warriors set.
Body  swops
Head swop and a body swop

Hello to Kris..Aka Heisler...from Wargames and Railroads Blog. Not only does he do wargaming and scale railroads and his Fantasy minis are great