Sunday 23 February 2020

Vikings 2 - Stamford Bridge - Strelets

The second lot of Vikings from the Strelets  Stamford Bridge big box set.
As noted at PSR, some of the armour is of a later period than The Battle of Stamford Bridge but they are Vikings* and that´s what Counts.
13 bods, two are joined as a pair, tinsy winsy bit of Flash.

Not intended for building a Shield wall, not one is holding his Shield to the front.
A bit of a mix. Unarmoured bods through to heavily armoured ones dripping in chainmail and lamellar armour.
At PSR, the lack of armour is put down to the Vikings being taken by suprise so they had no time to get fully dressed. I think the unarmoured ones make  decent beserker types.
King, Standard bearer and on the left, some poor guy who´se got an arrow shot through his neck.
My favourite poses from the set

The Great Heathen far.
Strelets, Emhar, Zvezda and Tumbling Dice. 72 infantry and two mounted

*Or could be Saxons.