Friday 17 July 2020

Anglo Saxon Command - Tumbling Dice

Set AS20.
3 mounted Bods in 3 different poses and 3 nags in 3 different poses, 2 foot Bods.
3 round (lenticular ) shields, 3 kite shields.
3 standards -  1 triangular, 1 square and a draco.
The three nags are poses from the C1066 H3 Palfrey/light Horse set.
I added two kite shields left over from other sets.
I changed the flags for printed ones. The metal flags are ok but too heavy and, TBH, the printed ones are easier and quicker than painting them myself.
The Draco I painted with a Blue-Gold drybrush to give it a shine. Works in reality but doesn´t really show in pics.