Saturday 26 February 2011


Probably I´m teaching you all how to suck eggs here but here goes :-D Maybe someone hasn´t seen this method.
This is how I make flags for my bods. The flag used is a 1/32nd scale one.
This Flag I printed off the can find tons of Flags there...a lot of them free. For example, Ray at Don´t throw a 1 blog, does a lovely line in Saxon and Norman flags. Also Warflag and  Dansk Figursspilsforening  have a large range of free Flags and banners.

I cut a piece of tinfoil so that there is a mm or so of gap all around the edge, so that when the two halves are glued together there will be a good bond (tinfoil don´t stick too well)  The tinfoil is then glued to one half using woodglue

One half of the flag is then given a thin smear of woodglue, the flag pole laid along the back crease and the two halves carefully folded together. As you do this be carfull to keep checking the position of the flag pole, making sure it stays central.

After the flag has dried, you can crease and fold it as you want...:-D

Putting up this little article is a bloody good excuse to wave a flag in celebration of the good news that Momcha has become a Father!!!!! :-D Wish him  and his family well here