Saturday 17 December 2011

Colonial Army

A bit of a break from Medievals....lots of red and white colonials...maybe it´s got something to do with having seen lots of people dressed in a similar fashion lately ...yo ho ho.
I´ve been toying with the idea of making a colonial army  for a while now, but got my finger out after seeing these gatling guns and looking jealosly at Duncan´s Blog 20mm Colonial Wargaming
This lot are the start of a "colonial" army who are getting ready to put down an insurrection in the Chocolate producing Principality of Khandihar...led by the incontinent Kailf..Mustapha leek
The mission has to be successfull, I will the ladies and gents back home get to sleep without thier mugs of hot chocolate in the evening ???
The army so far. The 9-Pdr I  painted some time ago, but the rest in the last 3 days :-D
Any historical similarity to any kilts pattern in existance is purely coincidental :-P
The red jackets..?? They look good :-D
Gardner Gun from Hat
Gatling gun from HaT
9-Pdr from Hat Colonial artillery
Heliograph and Telescope that come with the Gatling gun set. I´ve  based them seperately so they can be used as signallers or spotters for the artillery.