Tuesday 2 April 2013

HaT El Cid Moorish Command

The set contains 3 sprues. each sprue  with 3  foot and 3 mounted bods (Two horses and one mule). Not really a lot of vareity pose wise but they are nice looking bods and a good Addition to the El Cid Range. A slight oversight in the set..the mounted horn blower doesn´t have any stirrups.
The Drum mounted on a donkey is a really nice Piece.
Even though there´s so few poses, there is still scope for conversions, especially using bods from the other sets in the series.
The horn Player in the middle has new legs from the bod from the Almoravid set.  The Horn Player on the far left (bottom half from the Standard bearer)  will become a new member of Ben Yusuf´s Black Guards.
The final conversion..the  Standard bearer on foot now becomes a mounted Standard bearer. .
My one real complaint about the set is the Standard bearer. The Hand that holds the Standard is open which then means the pole of the  Standard needs glueing to the Hand, not a very permanent solution so I welded them on. A ring Hand would have been a far better solution.
And some very good News for fans of  1/72nd Medievals..Linear-b is planning to release sets of Tudor period bods!!!!!  The masters look excellent and can, along with a new set of Zombie Pirates, be seen HERE