Monday 16 March 2015

WotR´s Scurrers (Redbox)

....or  scurriers /scourers / prickers or Hobilars...loads of different names and a lot of different ways of spelling them...
This lot are from the Red box WotR´s range and very welcome they are.

Arms, armour and clothing are all well done, vitually no Flash, the only one small annoyance, the nags. Like the Mounted Men-at-arms set, there´s too few nag poses, only two in the set which means 6 running or 6 Standing nags.
The Lances. They are a bit too short for my liking, the average seems to been around  9 - 14 feet Long (3 - 4 plus) meters so I´ve replaced them.
At first I thought the one shading his eyes had been molded wrong, he just wouldn´t sit flat in the saddle but obviously he is Standing in the stirrups to get a better view.
The bod on the left has had the axe replaced with a Lance, the bod on the right is from the Mounted men-at-arms set, with a head swop from the Redbox Town & County Levy set...........
Either he is trying to Keep his balance or waving
...........and from the mounted Men-at-arms set, another two conversions. Basic head swops and the bod on the right has had his mace replaced with a Lance.

I´ll wait with basing up the Scurrers until I´ve got the European Mercenaries Light Horse set. Hopefully there will be enough to make up 3 bases of five per base.