Friday 24 June 2011

Medieval Levy 1 (Strelets)

The first set of Medieval hired thugs, the second set here. This time they aren´t mainly armed with spears but with all sorts of nasty looking clubs and axes. PSR rates them as pretty average which is pretty accurate IMHO..though not a bad set. I´ve made a couple of alterations, the two with shields have had them replaced with printed ones, I used a homemade halberd instead of the one supplied and the guy swinging an axe has now got a flail from the Miniart hussites set.
All twelve poses with the minor alterations
One of my favourite bods from the set. You need to carfully cut the halberd away from his helmet and slightly bend his arms away from his line of sight, the pose is very unnatural otherwise.
My favourite from set 2....that padded coat!!
IMHO, the best bod in both sets....the face, the pose...great..and he must be a well hard guy.......
...............cos he dares to carry a shoulder bag :-
Both sets together.

Hello to Legatus Hedlius.He has 5 blogs..but I must admit that my favourite is Cavegirl Wargaming, simply becuase he is very inventive with creating the cavegirl world and it´s monsters etc, and nothing to do with the "undressed" condition of some of the cavegirls.......................honest :-D