Friday, 29 March 2013

"Just in Time"

"After many years away at war, a  knight returns home to find his beloved has been condemned as a witch and will be burned at the stake in the market place. He quickly rides to her rescue and in front of the cowardly townsfolk,  breaks the chains holding her to the stake and carries her away to safety"

The scult was created for Valdemar by Alex. I had to come up with a reason as to why she has a chain on her right ankle,  hence the small background story.
"they jeer and threaten but dare not stop this seasoned warrior"

and a couple of close ups......

They were part of a duel (Theme ; coming home) over at the Bennos Forum..Results HERE.
It was a 3 way duel, the other contestants were:
Peter from Peters cave blog
Suso from Gataskog blog

Monday, 25 March 2013

HaT El Cid Spanish Command

Like the Moorish command this set only has a few bods, infact one less than the Moorish command.
It does however come with a set of spare heads and spare arms. Two of the arms only fit the mounted bod (they have chainmail sleeves to match the chainmail vest) and two for the foot bod.
The full set with spare heads etc can be seen HERE.

Without any conversions a combined  foot and command set of 7 can be created.

One Thing about this set and the Moorish command, the nags are very nicely done..a bit thin and the riders legs are a bit too widely spread (solution is to pin them onto the saddle)  but they do look nice.
There ´s 3 sprues in the what I will do with the other two priests I can´t conversion ideas have come to mind yet.
Small complaints about the set. The attachable arms, especially the ones for Holding the Standards just don´t do the intended Job well. Not only do they not have ring hands to hold the flags but they don´t support the weight, the arms just popped off the peg.
Glueing didn´t help much either so they  got welded on.
Also the poles of the Standards. The bubblegum plastic that they are cast in means they are too bendy so I replaced them with florists wire, heated up and welded on.

I was going to just paint the Banners up with the usual crosses / stripes / chevrons but then I thought I´d have a bash at painting some freehand religious Icon type standards.

The one on the left is the Madonna and Child by Segna, di Buonaventure (1298 - 1331)
The one on the right has several titels, Christ the redeemer, Christ the teacher etc. It´s a 13th century painting, appearing in a wide range of variations.
Both were painted  much later  than the El Cid period and I´ve found no evidence of them carrying such Standards at the time but they seem appropaite so why not ? :-
A small apology. I´ve not been getting around the Blogs as much as I´d like to lately. Too much work at the Moment but hopefully  that looks set to change in a couple of weeks

Friday, 22 March 2013

Moor Conversions

More conversions...(spot the dreadfull pun )
Arm swops. The bod on the left got his new shield arm from the El Cid Spanish infantry set and the bod on the right from the Andalusian light cavalry
Top halves, the Andalusian light cavalry, bottom halves, archers.....
...and waste not, the top halves of the foot archers go to adding more variety to the light cavalry

Monday, 18 March 2013

Lizard cavalry

I´ve absolutely no idea what make this is as I found it in a Pick n´Mix section at the Herne Toy show.
The lizard is made from dark green hard plastic and the rider yellow soft plastic.
The little Imp like rider has a very nice Aztec style hat ...........
The lizard is about the same size as a 1/72nd Horse so it fits really well alongside my Army of the Underworld bods

Shame that I only bought two of them :-(

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Medieval Houses

The town of Styrow-on-the Foam (or Bodston) grows. A set of 1/72nd scale resin medieval houses created by Thorsten Burgdorf and available HERE ......... They are "multi-purpose" houses, that is you can create a lot of different variations from the same kit, swopping the roofs, gable ends etc.
Very kindly...Thorsten sent them built and painted :-D All they need is basing.
Timber framed versions with straw roofs
Wooden block houses with shingle roofs.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Austrian cuirassiers Regt. Nr 8

The first 50 of a batch of 250, that are having a bit of a touching up paintjob for the Croeburn 1813 dio. Peter, from Peter´s Cave blog has another 150.
One day, they will find a home in a museum, which will hopefully open in spring 2014, which is being created to hold the three dios of Auenhain, Croeburn and Moeckern. More info HERE
The bods are created by Jörg Schmaeling and are available at Art Miniaturen.

Will I and Peter get them all finished by May this year? Watch this space :-D