Saturday 5 March 2011

Big A.P.U´s

Just got these today...sent over from Blighty by Fran Aka The Angry Lurker. They were part of a swop, some of my Daleks for a couple of A.P.U´s. I thought by a couple it was meant two...I´d have been well happy with two but Fran sent 4!!!!! Cheers mate :-D
I´ll get to cutting them up and putting chain guns on the two I have son pinched off with the other two as soon as he saw them.:-D
Hello to Hein from AV´s Corner, loads of WWII stuff, including lots of historical background info.
Hello to Ijr70 and  brutpaul,  thanks for following :-D
And...there´s a new kid on the block...well he´s been lurking for a while..but now he´s got his own Blog, Peter´s cave. Peter´s made a great entry to the blogging world with his Teutonic Knights.