Saturday 30 July 2016

Teutonics - restart

After a gap, the next couple of  Bods for the Teutonic 1329 dio.
The rider in blue normally has a Lady riding sidesaddle in front of him but She didn´t fit along with the smiling kniggit. As with my Version HERE, they don´t  fit 100% comfortably anyway.
The other two are´ve forgotten which set
and for a bit of a Change.....
The "heroes",  Lord Brashford and Lt. Tompkins, Achmed  and thier Faithfull mule Dobin went on a jaunt to Xanten..and amazingly, unlike previous trips out, like the one where Tompkins caught crabs!!!! or their picnick in South africa!!!(how they got out of that no-one knows!) this time they had no terrible mishaps.
A visit to the Roman town .View from the Ampitheatre towards the workers houses.

The Hafentempel (Harbor temple)
Looking at the amazing high altar of the Xanten Cathedral (St. Victor's Cathedral)

and the pics taken by "others"

 Kriemhild windmill. Built onto the town wall around the end of the 14th Cent as a Bärwindmühle (a fortified  Tower   with a windmill added)   rebuilt over the centuries and re-used for different things, like a gardenhouse or quarters for the Nightwatch  , it still is in use today.

 Klever Tor (Cleves Gate) First built in 1393- re-built in 1843