Sunday 1 July 2018

Guy de Beauchamp and Friends

5 more for the Bannockburn Project and another 4 for the Medieval Lords and Ladies post
Guy de Beauchamp. 10th Earl of Warwick. Gules a fess between six crosses crosslet or
King´s Battalion
Thomas de Multon, 1st Baron Multon of Gilsland. Barry of seven argent and gules. There is a Version with twelve argent and gules but I took the version shown on the Falkirk roll.

Second Battalion
Johan de Wake. Baron Wake of Liddell. Or two bars gules in chief three torteaux.
I like the Coat-of-Arms so he´s got a Standard bearer
Second Battalion
John Ap-Adam III. 1st Baron Ap-Adam.  Argent on a cross gules five mullets or
King´s Battalion
The whole gang so far

I´ve still got a handfull in the qeue, including some foot bods as aides /Sergeants.