Tuesday 4 October 2011

Medieval Bombard 2

Just when you think there aren´t any more to be had..another one pops up..This was sent to me by jmchasco..who runs a nice little blog and web shop called  1/72 Miniatures...I will be "hanging " around there as well in the future :-D 
This two piece Resin mini dio is made by Mainly Military. I´ve never heard of them before but they do quite a range of houses etc..

I´ve added a bit of static grass and some Noch flowers
The set up comes with sacks..
.....and cart with cannon balls already attached to the dio. At first I thought this would make it difficult to paint but it was quite easy..half an hour in total.
It has ice little details like the broken boards shown here. Wether this was deliberate from the sculptor or not, I don´t know but I do know that Ye olde health and safety wouldn´t be too happy about it!!
I could have drilled the barrel out..but why ruin such a nice little piece..
Here with an Orion Medieval siege troops bod.
And here, the gun taken off and used as a field  gun.