Sunday 1 July 2012

SPAD XIII (Academy)

It was cheap and it showed. The fit was pretty bloody awefull, the fuselage halves didn´t line up properly, the engine cowling had a gap and the wing struts are different lengths..the ones on the fuselage are too long.
Oh, and the decals are made from some sort of odd plastic. Not only do they look very shiny after application but they fold over on themselves when being removed from the decal sheet which meant two of them being ruined. Grrrrr!
Still.... lessons learnt and hopefully the Revell version will be a lot better.
There´s no flash anywhere but....there are 2 mold guidance marks on the bottom of each wing, front and tail!!!
Due to the bad fit and cheapness of the kit, I thought it would be no real loss if it messed up so I experimented with a bit of weathering. Note the dreadfull gap between the tail plane and the could have been filled but I sort of gave up.  
The two top roundels ended up sticking to themselves...they were binned and I had to paint them myself..not a very pleasing experience or result.
The actual detail isn´t too bad but due to the bad fit I couldn´t really get into doing a full rig.
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