Tuesday 23 April 2013

A blast from the past.

Some very very old airfix (and a couple of others) from way way back in the days of Humbrol enamel paints and when the choice of bods made converting them a necessity. 

A drawing pin stuck into the bod..a shield. The archer has got some legs from an Airfic ACW confederate bod.

EEK!! That gloss paint!!! Sunglasses on!..Bavarian  and Nassau grenadiers

This little lot is about half what remains of my napoleonic bods, most of the cavalry and a lot of the cannons have "dissapeared" along with t two farm houses .........and hundreds of tanks, planes and 1000´s of infantry......... without counting hundreds of 1/32nd bods and thier vehicles etc. 

They used to have regimental Standards and were attached to strips of cardboard from Old cereal packets. 

Superman in his scratchbuilt war taxi.