Wednesday 17 July 2013

Ancient Roman Wagon

An Ancient Roman travelling wagon. It´s Roman (latin) Name ?. Odemars (constructed and painted HERE ) calls thier four wheeled wagon kit a carpentum but mostly,  a vehicle refered to as a carpentum are two wheeled affairs.
Whatever they were called, the one from odemars is a bit fancy looking for my liking so I´ve built myself a test Piece. The next one (when I get around to it ) will have suspension straps added to the cabin, a bit more decoration, curtains etc.

As usual and because I like the idea of having bods travelling /interacting with thier  vehicles and if they are added inside, then I want to be able to see them,  I´ve left the Roof detachable.
Re-creating the front axle was a bit fiddly. The metal rings I made following a technique used to make the rings for chainmail. Simply wrap wire aound a pole, then cut along one side of the coil..Hey presto!, lots of little circles.
This (below) is the sort of wagon that turns up when you search for Roman Carpentum. Two wheeled.