Thursday 1 March 2012

Waterloo 1815 Dervish Infantry

Some new recruits to the Khandibarian army, Waterloo 1815´s dervish infantry. This lot I got as part of a swop scheme with my mate Peter from Peter´s cave blog. We buy sets and swop one of the sprues with each other. This saves buying the set and ending up with loads of spare repeat bods you can´t use.
The whole sprue and a copuple of HaT bods to make up the numbers
The waterloo Dervishes really give the impression of a rampaging charge.
A new Khandibarian sharpshooter.
Rollo the brave mule and his rider Whyne Ghum

Hello to Dan...your google connect isn´t on!!!
Hello to Itchy from A Blog amomg Blogs....great WWII flames of war stuff.