Sunday 8 July 2012

Sopwith Camel (Esci)

Was it an esci kit first.............
............or an Academy one?
I don´t know. Mine came in the Esci box..with no instructions but it was cheap. Whilst looking on the web for  the instructions I came across a set for the Academy ones. They look a lot more complicated..more parts etc and apparently Academy use Edward it may just be that the artwork from Esci was used.
Curses!!! i´ve just noticed the one of the rigging lines is lsack...a bit of heat treatment is called for.
Both the Esci /Academy version and the Revell version together. The Revell version came with an extensive range of Decals and is a good 1/2 a cm taller than the esci version. The Revell one was built a while back..I was still experimenting with stretched sprue for the rigging.

A bit of an how to build stringbags HERE

Hello to Freaky Fre from Freakyfesminiatures blog. Some really good stuff..the 28mm Gladiator and the Warhammer slave giant is cracking!! Fre, It looks like your google friends connection isn´t on and you have no followers thingy?