Friday 14 August 2015

Medieval Cottage/Farmhouse

Also for use in  Bodstonia as the village at the centre of the farming community of Boddingham.
And with one that was made as a "test build"
I´m not too happy with the lower floor..(all that White!!) but I prefer the thatch effect over that of the second building.
Gable Ends.

Quick "how to".
As ever..the template. This time I´m using thicker card...1mm thick, or thereabout.
I was Clearing out a few old dogeared plastic covered ring binder folders and to make them more compact so they didn´t take up too much space in the bin,  I sliced the spine off one and found it had a loose Card core. Not glued in at all..a perfect Sheet of heavy Card.
With a modelling knife it took seconds to remove the Card from the front, back covers and the spine....and reduced the amount of space taken up in the bin by a massive amount.
Both the buildings are produced from one lot of Card from one Folder and there´s enough left over for further Projects.
When creating the Tabs it´s important  to make the gap between them as Close as possible. The Tabs were a bit "devil may care" on  the test build and   as the clay dried the Roof covering warped, pulling it off the small tabs which meant having to  contantly  re-attach the Roof by gently pushing it down.
This time, for a bit of variety,  I´m going to add walling on the ground floor so I´ve added a 2cm wide recessed Strip so that 1cm is sticking out the bottom.
Thin strips of high density foam added to the recessed Strip  along with some steps from the same material.
Thin strips of Card added to represent the Boarding. Window Frame made with thin strips of the "thick Card"
The thatch. I´d tried Teddy bear fur etc in the past but it just didn´t look right to me ....and took Ages,so....
..Clay. Bog Standard modelling clay. The Dries White, pots can be made from it, type of clay. Rolled into thin sausages, squashed to about 3-4mm thick and glued on with PVA.
One Problem, apart from  the roofing warping if it isn´t properly stuck down,  is that you Transfer some of the dried clay (from your finger tips) onto the house walls etc..but it isn´t a lot and gives it a bit more of a  "lived in" look.
I suppose I could paint the rest of the building after the Roof..but I´ve got into the Routine and it works so why Change?
The Chimney now gets added (pushed into the clay to make a hole and then glued into place with PVA) and the thatch  scratched into the clay with the tip of a needle.
All that´s left to do is wait a couple of hours for the clay to stiffen, then paint it. I added a bit of PVA to the base colour. Shame that the clay goes White when it´s dried.. unpainted (below) it Looks fine already.
The combination of the thick Card and the clay makes These quite heavy Little buildings.