Saturday 28 July 2018

Massed Medieval cavalry (2)

380 mounted medievals* from a wide range of sets, Airfix,  Italeri, Valdemar, Zvezda, Strelets, Caeser, RedBox,  and a wide time line  across the medieval period, Normans, Burgundians, 100 yrs wars, WotR´s etc.
First wave. Normans, Turcopoles, Crusaders/Teutonics. One of the bods (top right Corner, second wave) was tipped over by one of our Cats. This was only noticed after I´d posted the pics.
Second wave. 100yrs war French and English, English WotR´s, Scottish wars of independance Scotts and English
Waiting / Command. 

*Another 50 plus, Magna carter barons, Normans still not based, but they will have to wait as the mounted Fantasy bods are next for´s too hot to actually paint  anything.