Sunday 24 November 2013

Bannockburn - English camp. (pt 20)

Camp Scene. They will end up as part of what will be  more representative of the english camp  than a scottish one, but some of the bods can definately be used for both. All the bods come from the Strelets Medieval Britian set. (from which I´m still missing 12 poses )
Gilbert de Clare (Earl of Glouchester), Thomas de Ufford and Edmund de Mauley
Generic kniggits
Musicians and a Squire

Prisoner and praying kniggit. In the set he´s  posed with a kniggit (Pic above middle) as if he´s getting knighted, but I reckon he looks better as a praying Knight.
Cooks or the "where´s my contact lens ?" scene