Sunday 10 February 2013

Roman Construction (Linear-B)

Another great little addition to the ancient roman  civilian life, a roman Quarry/roadworkers gang.
14 bods on the sprue, the majority of them are the "forced labour" element.
The "slaves" all have either a metal band around thier necks or carry a recognition plaque.
Anyway, the are listed on the Linear-b site as " Roman Construction" and are due for release...Tomorrow (11.02.2013)
The pick (Dolabra) shovel and breaking iron crew.  

The two bods on the left are meant to work as a pair carrying a large wooden beam (supplied in the set) but I am going to use them as bods unloading a ship. The bod on the right should (I suppose) have rubble in the basket, but some sort of fruit or vegetables looks much better.

This pair carrying the stone suggests a set of quarry workers

As always, one poor worker getting told off for slacking. The original whip was a bit thick for my liking and got replaced.
The boss of the road crew and his chief engineer using a Groma.  The plumb lines attached to the Rostro (cross piece) are a bit "chunky" but this  is the first time I´ve seen a Groma represented in a "series" set
Roads were generally built by the legions and not civilians. That there are slaves and a Groma together in the set suggests a building project such as a road but it´s not inconcievable that a groma would find usage in a quarry etc. The one thing missing is a bod or two holding the measuring sticks used for aliginment, but that´s no problem to find a suitable bod for the job.

Welcome to Maik from Schildschmied. loads of lovely Shield and flag decals in 1/72nd and 28mm