Monday 16 May 2011

Medieval Seige machines...1

The 1st half of the seige park finished!! :-D

The Ram
Roof added
I´ve made the roof removable so the crew can be seen
Being pushed into position
The Catapult
The seige park workers deployed to operate the catapult
A Testudo
I know this has another name but it escapes me at the moment. This was made from the second Ram in the Miniart Rams set.
Being pushed by the busy bods from the seige park
Mobile wheeled walls ( Mantlets)
From Zvezda.  The shield patterns I´ve added to give a bit of colour.
In Action with two bods from Orions Medieval seige troops set.
The Crew
A line up of the crew. Orion, Miniart and Zvezda.
Hello to Luca from Peana di piombo blog. He says he´s passionate about Ancient wargaming...and after looking at his blog, I´ll agree with him. :-D