Friday 6 July 2012

Spad XIII C-1 (Revell)

Next one off the conveyor belt..the Revell version of the Spad XIII. In some ways it´s better than the Academy one in´s not.
It´s bigger, more chunky . The fit is better but..there are still gaps in the couling cover and the tailplane section. Not as good as the academy one, the fusealage / Wing details aren´t as defined.
The decals (there is a choice of two designs) are better than the shiny plastic ones from Academy.
I´m finally getting the hang of making the props look like they are made from wood.
The rigging between the wing struts was a pain!
The nice thing about this Revell kit, the wingflaps are pre-scored so a small slice into each and they can be hung as if in a resting position.

Both variants together. Note how much bigger the Revell version is compared to the Academy one.

The top wing sits higher above the fusealage on the Revell version than the Academy one.
Wider, longer wings, much bigger fusealge.
Now which one to do next? Another KP Avia B.21 but in racing colours this time? A Roden Fokker D.VII(OAW)mid-war version? An Esci Sopwith Camel? A Toko Pfalz DXII ? or an Airfix Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8 ? Or just pick one of the other kits randomly from the stash?