Thursday 12 October 2017

More bits and Bods

A few bits that don´t Warrant a post all of thier own.*

Two new additions to the Bodstonia Landscape, a couple of Trappers/Militia. Bodies from the Imex Pilgrims, the heads from the Imex George Washington´s army
Some more North American Indians in a Canoe. Bodies and Canoe from the Imex Lewis and Clark set, heads from the Italeri Indian Warriors.
I´ve forgotton where the musket came from but I think it was a spare from the Imex Pilgrims set. 
A small  Veuglaire. I haven´t a clue what make it is but it´s A really nice Piece  and made entirely out of Metal.
The tent from the Emhar crested kniggits set. As it Comes, OOB, the Thing is massive. PSR puts it at around 5 meters tall. I sawed off 2 cm´s from the bottom so the doorway is the height of a bod.
*If it hadn´t been for a recent stay in Hospital, they might have had some other bits added to them but as I´m in "recovery" sitting down to paint etc is beyond me at the Moment :-(