Tuesday 28 May 2013

Bannockburn (Pt6) Gilbert de Clare and Robert II Kieth

A start on the mounted elements for Bannockburn. The Knight bods have had head swops using helmets from the Zvezda English Knights of the 100 years war set.
The flags are handpainted (the designs are simple so it wasn´t worth photoshop etc to create some)
Sets used
Army of Joan d'Arc   (Horses with Caparisons and Gilbert de Clare)
Medieval Britian       (Standard bearers and Robert II Kieth)
Norman Knights       (English Standard bearer´s horse)
Army of Henry V      (Scottish Standard bearers horse)
Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester, killed at Bannockburn. As it would be an insane task to include Standard bearers for all the english Knights, the english cavalry stands will get the George cross.
Robert II Kieth, Marischal of Scotland, who commanded the cavalry at Bannockburn, who numbered about 500. As he´ll be based with a Group of cavalry and he commanded them,  I´ve added a standard bearer carrying his colours.