Thursday 13 February 2020

Vikings - Strelets

Another Batch of Vikings, this time the Strelets set MOO4 .
12 poses, not a lot of Flash. Some of the bods have ring Hands which are meant for the weapons attached to the sprue, 3 spears, a sword and an Axe.  The axe provided was fine, the spears and Sword not so.   I used a spear and axes* from the spares box.
Two of the bods had wings/Horns on thier helmets, these got removed.

This lot can be formed up to make decent looking Skaldborg (Shield Wall) with the shields overlapping etc, though my basing doesn´t allow that.
 Couple of close ups
*The excellent Site Hurstwic, reckons spears were a more common viking weapon but, if at all possible,  I really like my Vikings armed with swords and axes.