Friday 17 June 2016

Camping accessories

Bits and Pieces to add to the tents.  Cooking stuff, a campfire and a Cooking / Stable tent.
I´ve made it so that the bits and pieces can be removed, swopped about and the Tent can be used for different periods.

 When the cooking is done, the Tent can be used for Keeping the nags dry when it rains.
A bit of a mix of makes to create this lot.
The cooking pot from Strelets The French Army's Camp, the base from the Renedra Mixed tent set
Table from Linear-B Roman Tavern set, mess tins and Coffeepot, Atlantic´s US Camp set,
Pig on a spit..Imex Battlefield Accessories

Henry has found something interesting on the table
Dog from Valdemar Miniatures - VA186 "Drunken Knights"

Nags from the Atlantic US camp set