Sunday 11 March 2012

Medieval Women

Another great set of medieval civilians from Erik Trauner of  Nikolai..
As Female bods are in short supply in 1/72nd in any era, a specialist set like this is very welcome and I reckon that they could be used in a very large range of eras...right up to the 20th century.
I made a couple of mistakes with the painting. The women with the bag...She has an Apron which reaches only to her waist but before I realised my mistake I´d extended it too far. Also, the mother and child..I painted two pieces of material hanging down from the childs wrappings as part of the Apron...
A rarity , a baby on the mothers breast.

Stage three of the Pirate Cutter. The planking.
Made from strips of thin card it took an absolute age with pinning etc to get all the planking fitted.