Wednesday 12 February 2014

Veritas vos liberabit

My entry for  a "competition" over at the  Valdemars forum
The rules for entry were;
- Only knights allowed -  hospitallers, at least one hospitaller present - Check!
- At least one holy symbol represented, relic, banner, cross, half moon' - Check!
- At least one Valdemar figure - Check!
- At least one animal - Check!
- Needs to be a new Piece of work to take part - Check!

On his travels to the holy land a hospitaller Comes across a wayside cross.
He stops, and as he prays, Dobbin takes a wayside Snack.

Both the Hospitaller and Dobbin are Valdemar. Dobbin came without a saddle so one had to be made. Got it all base painted but it just didn´t look stirrups!!! Remove saddle, recreate with stirrups (very thin plastic Card) add saddle again.
The helmet is from the Caeser Dismounted Crusaders set.

The crucifix is from the Valdemar Tax collectors set and was carefully sliced out of the sedan chair. Not carefully enough...It broke into 4 parts, the right side of the cross shot off into "never to be seen again land" so that had to be reconstructed. The cross it´s attached to is made from high density styrofoam. The moss is tiny bits of old rubber foam.

Veritas vos liberabit ? A variant of Veritas liberabit vos (the truth shall set you free) and was used by the   Knights Hospitaller during the crusades.