Monday, 5 March 2012

Pirate Gun Team 1/72nd

"YO HO HO! and a barrel of Rum !! "
Pirates are great!!!!   I really like the irregular look of them and the "we do what we want"  attitude and when this lot landed in my grasp i shoved a couple of other projects one step back and got stuck in....

Pirates of the caribean set 02 from Germania.Figuren. There´s loads more sets of Scurvy Dogs up and coming  from Germania and it´s well worth a look at them

Arrrrthur...the Gun master
Arrrnold the loader
Arrrrnie the gunner
12 Pdr. The carriage is made of resin but the barrel is made of Brass giving the piece a nice weight

Hello to Docsmith  from Doc´s Art of war blog. He says " Figure collector & painter, occasional wargamer, amateur military historian and professional Grumpy Old Bugger but young at heart" Sounds similar to someone I know :-D
Hello to Headologist from  Do you Have a Flag ?  blog  He´s just kicked off with blogging this year but is going great guns already.
Hello to Tom parker from Google +
Hello to Militaire Geschiedenis blog..took a while to find you.your Google friend is not on open.
Hello to the residential operative...again, no can find!!