Friday 28 September 2012

Flagmen, Clubmen, Drummer

Some more recruits for the "revolting" Peasant / Workers army, again with 13th century Gent Guild banners from the Dansk Figursspilsforening site.
Two simple conversions, a body halves swop to the left and an arm swop to the right
The bod from the Strelets Medieval levy (1) set carrying the Barrel makers guild flag, the Plaster´s Guild flag is carried by a Redbox Hussite

The drummer. There´s not a lot of drummers for medieval bods, as far as I know there are only 3 that have been commercially made, all by Valdemar. Large bodied Tabors may not have been used until the 13th century, and then not in battle, but it´s not hard to see why not.
The body is from Zvezda´s Medieval peasant army set, the head from Zvezda´s French knights, drum and drum sticks from Revell´s Imperial infantry set. The belt is made from Paper.

Portrait of the Minnesinger (medieval German courtly love poet) with his musicians. Illustration from the Codex Manesse, c.1300.
Showing  Drum, pipe, fiddle with curved bow (psaltery)

I´ve been asked a few times to put up pics of the whole collection...I will but it might be next year,,for the Big Army Day (Gloranthan Army blog) on the 14th of June next year. Until medieval army collection so from nearly 2 years ago can be seen HERE
It´s expanded a bit since then, the baggage train is nearly double the size, the same for the Hussites. There´s the new burgundian army, the Normans and El Cid armies. The infantry and cavalry has nearly doubled, the seige park has been added to quite a lot as well,  the Crusaders weren´t even in the pictures and there´s a lot more civilians/ "revolting" peasants now. 

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Medieval Travellers, Wanderers, Pilgrims

As the titel says, these are medieval travellers.
The whole set together,,,except that there´s a dog that comes with them, but he, Beisser, has been used as a companion to Klynt von Osterholz
Vladimir to the left and Estragon to the right (from the "Waiting for Godot" post) and an "overheated" priest.
A member of the Bennos forum, Suso. The dog, beisser, is a copy of his own dog and the pair should really belong together..maybe Klynt will decide he works better alone at some point so master and hound can be re-united.
The child is an addition from the children at play set with his father
Three weighed down travellers. The one in the middle would make a  trader taking his wares to market, the one to the right is definately a mercenary type, he carries a sword, shield, helmet and crossbow.

The mercenary. I`ve experimented a bit by giving him a bit of a long term not shaved look.

As ever with Alex´s sculpts, the detail is exemplary. Suso carries not only a bow and quiver, but some rope, two knives and an axe handel..and  details, like on the rucksack  are recreated in such perfection it makes painting these bods a joy.

Sunday 23 September 2012

Quincy and Bigod

Nope, not a firm of solicitors but another two of the barons that were present at the signing of the Magna carta.

Saer de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester (1155 - 1219)
Interesting thing about this one...the blazon. The one I´ve used is listed on the Magna Carta site, but on the wiki link (HERE) it shows another blazon? The magna Carta site uses a pictorial representation of the Barons blazons designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. I reckon he would have got it right so I won´t worry any further :-D

Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk (1182 - 1225) This guy inherited a very nice  house..Framlingham castle!
He bears the Arms of "Bigod Ancient", dropped post-1269 by Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk following his inheritance of the office of Marshal of England:
Sir Paul de Bodley (b?-d?)   Lord of Styrow on the Foam and one of the ancesters of Jocelyn de Bodley,  who first discovered the land which has become The Federation of Bodstonia
He, along with several other lords, is in constant dispute with his Neighbor Hugh Jarse

Thursday 20 September 2012

Brian the Blessed

A couple more Zvezda Medieval Peasant army conversions.
The foot figs, Brian the Blessed and "Happy" Tim
Brian has got a  crossbow from the Italeri French Knights and foot soldiers set, his bolt quiver came from the Zvezda French Knights set (it is meant for the side of one of the horses)
"Happy" Tim has pinched a Voulge-guisarme from the Zvezda English Infantry of the 100yrw set.
Ok...maybe it wasn´t done that often, if at all, firing a bow from the saddle but Rhobyn de Hud is a strong guy..and a very skilled horseman :-D
The face painting technique seems to be working with "run of the mill" bods.
SHOUTING!!!!! I´ll have to re-create this face on a knight bod.
Hello to Maxamillian Walker from Scyld and seax blog. Dark age and Medievals are the mainstay, as he says "English lord exiled in France, I'm raising men to return home and take back my stolen lands! And inbetween all this, I like painting little soldiers."
I´ll bring my armies from the North  and we can divide the island between us :-D

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker....

Guild Warriors. In the medieval period they seemed to have a guild for just about every trade going. Every guild had it´s own meeting place and every major town had a hall where all the guilds could gather under one roof...the Guild Hall.
Enough babbling from me..there´s a lot of interesting facts about medieval guilds which can be read up on HERE
I´ll quote one part though, my reason for creating some Guild warriors;
"Guild members were expected to help to protect the town or the city where the guild operated. These civic duties included providing a militia for the town, policing the streets and constructing public buildings and walls to defend the town or city"

A couple of conversions using bods from the Zvezda Medieval Peasant army set and legs and nags from the zvezda French Knights set. The foot bod is just a standard bod from the Peasant army set, his scythe replaced with a flag.
Lord mayor of Styrow-on-the-Foam. He´s the elected head of the Money lenders guild so can afford some decent armour
Standard bearer for the Armourers guild
Standard bearer for the Woodcutters guild
Flags ( for the Guilds of Ghent, ca 1300 – 1450) from Dansk Figursspilsforening (HYW) There´s some really great looking guild banners like these;
Hello to Captiain LOL from Figurine Passion Blog. He paints larger scale figs, sculpts etc..and it´s well worth having a look at his blog...his brushwork on the North american woman and her child is really very nice.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Medieval Tax collectors and Handworkers

Both sets from Hecker & Goros. If´s worth going to their site and looking at thier paintjobs and thier dio collection.
With this lot finished, for Michele from Michigentile´s Microworld Blog, they can now be packaged up and start thier long journey to Michele :-D
The handworkers set.
The tax collectors set.
I´ve just found this site...chock full of info about the middle ages....!!!!!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Conquistadores and friends

Two more sets of Hecker & Goros bods finished for Michele´s Diorama world.
Two sets of Conquistadores and South american Indians from the Time of Discovery 1520 range.
Both sets together, basing provisional
Set KSHG 249. The bod behind the native should be leaning on a spear but due to the delcate nature of the parts and it will be sent in the post I haven´t attached it.
Set  KSHG 245.
And for a bit of fun, The discovery scene as Jocelyn de Bodley first sets foot on Bodstonia .
Full story about that fatefull day and it´s consequences HERE

Monday 10 September 2012

Klynt von Osterholz (Knight-errant)

A lone crusader of few words, he rides from one deed to another, accompanied by his faithfull and equally silent mastiff, Beisser.
A early Valdemar bod, but still the face is good.
A a bit of messing about with the colour settings :-D

Friday 7 September 2012

William de Huntingfield

High sherrif  of Norfolk and Suffolk b.1165-d. 1220(21) and one of the Barons who acted as surety to the Magna Carter.  I´ve chosen this  person, (apart from the fact I like the colour scheme) as he can team up with Robert de Vere as one of the Magna carta barons or......later as Sir Roger de Huntingfield b.1196-d.1257 and go off on the crusade with the other Robert de Vere (even though he never did really ;-D )

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Robert de Vere

He´s in the colours of the De Vere family but which one is he? I wanted to paint up a lord,  based in the 13th century, preferably as a crusader, and with a not too difficult colour scheme, so after a bit of searching on the Early Blazon site,  I decided on the colours of the De Vere´s of Oxford.
After painting him and then re-checking sources ...doubt set in!

Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford.   b after 1164, d. 25 Oct 1221. One of the barons, who stood surety for  the enforcement of the magna carter, or the son the baron (or in fact the baron) who, in 1250,  died alongside William de Longspee at the battle of Al Mansurah during the 7th Crusade ?  The last seems unlikey as the Baron at the time was Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford and thier only son, Robert, became the 5th Earl and lived from 1240 - 1296. There´s also no mention of a Robert de Vere dying in 1250  in the De Vere family tree, but there´s a Robert de Vere buried at All Saints church Northamtonshire, England. The date of burial..1249 and again, no mention of the death in the De Vere family tree.

But, in the Exerpta Historica, (Illustrations of English history) 1831, Samuel Bentley 1835-1868, Page 64, The assault of Massoura;

"The superstition of Louis, King of France, who, during a dangerous illnes, vowed, in case of his recovery, to visit the Holy land, caused a crusade to be announced throughout Christendom by Pope Innocent the 4th on 1245. Six hundred French Knights, among them the kings brothers, the counts of Artois, Pontiers and Anjon, assumed the cross: and thier example was followed by the Bishop of Worcester, William de Longspee, Geoffrey de Lucy, Robert de Vere and many other english noblemen."

Noblemen? So Barons, Earls etc.
He´s mentioned in another source as being the Standard bearer for William de Longespée , not a very eloquent job for a baron but the other source is unsure as to how he´s connected to the Oxford de Vere family, and speculate if perhaps he´s a distant relative of Aubrey II de Vere, follower of William I.

History...can be a real pain sometimes!!! :-D *
Anyway..he´s now definately  Robert de Vere, 3rd earl of Oxford, and at a stretch, the Robert de Vere who fought and died  alongside William de  Longespée at Al Mansurah.
And almost to prove my long held conviction, keep away from in depth historical fact when painting bods, it was brought to my attention...the bloody Stars were up the wrong way...they point to the top and not the bottom!!!! DOH!!
So...after a bit of  correcting..


Sunday 2 September 2012

Ancient Germans

This lot are from Germania-Figuren and are the set "Marching Germans (Varus Battle)"
Provisionally based and I haven´t given them thier spears as they are going to go in the post at some point to take up residence on a dio....which will appear at Heiden

These also have really good faces..well worth spending a bit of time over
My favourite shot of the line up

Hello to Soldado 38  He´s done a cracking little army...The Nutcracker....excellent idea and really well done.:-D