Saturday 20 February 2016

American Militia in Winter Dress 1812

American Militia in Winter Dress 1812..that´s what it says on the box and that´s basically what´s in the box but I wanted them for use as Bodstonian they got few head and hat swops.(from the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great set)
The range of weapons is interesting, as mentioned on the PSR site (here) mainly muskets but the chaps at PSR missed one..a double barrelled weapon, a shotgun?

Hopefully Strelets will bring out a set of American Militia in summer Dress 1812

Hardly any of them carry a powder horn or a secondary weapon like a knife or a hatchet but 4 of them have rucksacks etc
The one in the middle Looks like he could Feature in a western cowboy type Setting
The two on the left could be used as highwaymen. The "Cowboy" again from behind. It´s not 100 obvious from the pic but the weapon he´s Holding definately has two Barrels and a lock on the left and right. While there were such things as double barrelled flintlock muskets, they were expensive and prone to misfiring/exploding, so seeing as he´s a militiaman,  it´s more likely it´s a  double barrelled shotgun, not a musket.
Head or hat swops
As usual, one sprue is put into storage for any future conversion use, the other two are added to the  Bods for sale/swop list