Wednesday 16 March 2016

Airfix US Cavalry

This lot,  32nd set with all the poses painted,  brings me a bit closer in my quest to paint all of the   poses from each of the 60* Airfix sets listed at PSR

My idea of sticking to the boxart as a  colour reference failed, mainly due to the bods and nags looking nothing like the ones portrayed on the boxart. After a lot of digging about on the web for a suitable colour scheme, I more or less gave up and painted them using a couple of Basic reference Points.  I mean, which period are These lot supposed to portray? The "war" against the Native americans??, ACW??
PSR gives them a 3 out of 10 for historical accuracy...IMHO, a bit over generous.

Added to the lack of a fixed period, loads of bits are missing or just plain odd and no matter how hard You try, you just can´t paint up a bandolier to look like White braces or make non existant revolvers, saddlebags, neckerchiefs etc hold paint.
All 12 poses
Command. The B/W saddle rolls are after an example found on the web 
Why the cartridge belt Brown at the front and White at the back and not black all over? Two reasons. Firstly I´d tried that and the belt "blended in" almost becoming invisible and two, I liked the look of the Brown and White version. They are basically more or less toys anyway.

What will happen to this lot? Even though the nags are missing a lot of their tack, they still aren´t as bad as some examples so they will get used in a future Project. The bods? Back into the box of obscurity.

*Using the listing at PSR and Discounting the farm animal set, the  two zoo sets and the 5 (?)"type 1" sets.