Friday 9 March 2012

Revell Fokker Dr 1 (Nr 2)

It´s been a while since I got stuck into one of these but another pause from bod painting was called for.
This one is Revell´s 1984 tooling  of the little Fokker which I´ve built OOB...well I would have, but it came in a plastic it´s OOPTB
The colours I made up from a couple of designs I Found on the web, one of the best recources is Will´s Blog WWI Aviation Illustration
Being a kit from 1984 the transfers have yellowed with age!!!
The differences between this kit and the new tooling ? The wingskids are molded onto the wings, the engine couling has virtually no detail, the  step into the cockpit is missing as is the cockpit control panel. The main difference is the wingstrutts. On the new tooling they are in one shove the a bar through the middle wing and then add the top and bottom wings. With the 1984 tooling  they are in 4 pieces..which makes putting the wings on a bit like balancing jelly on a greased football.

During the "letting glue dry" breaks a bit more progress was made to the Pirate Cutter. 
Great stuff breakfast cereal cardboard :-D