Saturday 5 November 2011

Sans - Coulottes

I did these after seeing the great idea on Vitor´s Blog Batalhas Napoleonicas. The set used is the Orion English Pirates. Vitor´s made his up as a Militia group and added an Imex bod from the American Pioneers set. Mine are an early french revolutionary gun crew..the so called Sans - Coulottes
Marianne and a couple of citizens
Barrel from Zvezda...the two gabions scratch built like this
The cannon (a 20pdr) is from the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the great
Hello to 1939 Blog ...(no user name!?) Loads of nice bods all scales, all periods

Tomorrow is Herne......Lots of Plastic bods to be bought !!!!!!! :-D

And a BIG thankyou to Andrew from Ferrous lands blog for reviewing my blog....great idea and very kind :-D