Monday 5 November 2012

Orc Warband

I think I´ve just about exhausted any possible conversions from the Ceaser Orc Warriors set.
The whole warband together.
Archer with a flail (Minart Hussites) and axe orc with a halberd (Redbox Men-At-Arms and retinue) and head swop
As they have so few archers of thier own and don´t like to rely on shields for protection they drive prisoners amongst thier lines to put off enemy archer fire.
The torch is from the Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army set and the sword is from the Atlantic Gladiators and Christians set. 
The boss orc and his Goblin Bodyguard
New recruits for their warband have been spotted in a dark grotto..all from Dark Alliance
Orc light warg riders
Orc Heavy warg riders
Orc warriors set 3

Hello to Robin ( redrob ) from Atelier-Robin... Whatever he paints turns to gold....his Ele dio alone is worth a look...