Saturday 27 June 2020

Tumbling Dice Vikings - Complete Range

46 foot and 12 mounted bods. If I had painted every Bod from each set it would have brought the numbers up to 48 foot.
Bods from all 8 Viking sets as shown on the Tumbling Dice site HERE:...unfortunately without pics but now they are all here :-)

VK1 - Viking Huscarls with Axes.
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VK2 - Bondi Chainmail. 
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VK3 - Bondi Leather Armour.
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VK4 - Skirmishers Bow
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VK5 - Skirmishers Hand weapons.
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VK9 - Mounted Vikings
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VK10 - Viking Command Dismounted
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VK11 - Viking Command Mounted.
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Total TD Viking army

And now with the other makes, Strelets, Emhar and Zvezda.
118 foot and 14 mounted
Left wing (or right from the commanders point of view)
Right wing (or left from the commanders point of view)

I think I might have enough Vikings for now :-)