Thursday 16 May 2013

Bannockburn (Pt3) Welsh Archers

Commanded by the 2nd Earl of Pembroke(Third creation) Aymer de Valence (c. 1275 – 23 June 1324) who not only led Edward II from the field of Bannockburn but managed to lead his Welsh archers and spearmen back to Wales.
The flag is basically made up, I took the top left quarter of the banner of the Earls of Pembroke (Hastings - Earls of Pembroke, fourth creation). The bod carrying it I painted up in welsh colours. He´s not Aymer but just a generic Knight.. Aymer will be represented with a mounted bod.
Bods from Strelets Army of Henry V set. Why EVERY archer in the set has the arrow laid on the wrong side of the bow stave is a mystery.
This lot are from the Strelets Norman archers set.......and have the arrows laid on the correct side of the bow stave.
The English army so far.
A new site for Bloggers who paint, collect and wargame with 1/72nd scale bods.(the link´s on the right under 1/72 Miniatures)
Dan from Merseybooks blog is looking for painters of individual medieval bods,  ideally 28mm, 20mm, or 15mm for a book he´s writing. Link HERE