Friday 15 July 2011

Town and Castle

The little folk of Styrow on the Fome woke one moring to find that not only had someone yet again re-arranged the layout of the village but a dirty great castle had appeared!!! This event will only fuel the fires of resentment after the terrible death of of the towns resident alchoholic, Alan Add-ale.
Someones going to  kick a Hugh Jarse for this!!
Hello to joakim, The Miniatures Man. Joachim is a long time modeller...and has covered most periods and sizes. He´s only been blogging since Feb this year but already has an impressive amount of stuff posted..
Hello to cooey2ph...I´ve looked you up but it seems there are more than one of you...which one are you?, your Avatar doesn´t link through.  :-/. Thanks for following :-D