Saturday 8 February 2014

Turcopoles - Strelets.

Or "turcoples", "turcopoli" or "turcopoliers".
As noted at PSR, the set lacks any Lance carrying bods but I plan on adding some using bods from the Mounted Crusaders in Oriental Dress and Military Order Sergeants sets.

A common error, not just by strelets but a few manufacturers, the arrow is laid on the wrong side of the bow stave. In a lot of cases this can be corrected but with these it proved impossible. I´ll most probably get the set again and convert some into mounted crossbowmen.
One or two of the nags from the set I swopped with nags from other sets..this one (below) is from the Roman Cavalry on the March set. 

The Standard. On the box art it Shows a Dragon type of Standard but seeing as they would have been part of a crusader army and attached to a Military order, they would more than likely carried a cross or whatever. I didn´t want to Limit them to one order or other, after a bit of searching I found THIS on the Dansk Figursspilsforening site.  It´s a flag from a Danish Family called Vingad Pil. It suggests, with the wings, mounted archers. All I´ve done is add the swallow tails.
The Standard bearer is from the Military order Sergeants set.