Thursday 24 December 2015

Crossbows,Mrs Bucket, Roman Guard, Tables, Sheep and Goats

Due to still Feeling a bit "Under the weather" A  X-Mas collection with A few "Bits and Bobs" that don´t merit a post of thier own (some of which were painted a Long while back) put into one post.

Two crossbowmen from Strelets with crossbows from the Zvezda French Knights set
The bod on the left had his crossbow replaced, the other was originally supposed to be Holding a spear was from the Scottish Army of Robert Bruce, but looked better with a crossbow.
Mr´s bucket. Metal...and I can´t remember what make or where I got her from
Roman guards (From Germania Figuren)who ended up on a dio
Tables and benches for the Teutonic Order 1329 dio
More Sleeping knights added to the First lot from Medieval Bedtime
50 Sheep and 10 goats for another dio  called Auenhain 1813