Saturday, 19 October 2013

Conestoga Wagon (Imex)

A heavy Transport wagon for Bodstonia, the Conestoga Wagon from Imex. I´ve had the set for a while now but everytime I looked at it,  the size of the wagon and the number of nags put me off..until recently I saw Brian´s paintjob of both the wagons in the set over at A Fistfull of plastic blog.

Apologies about the size of the pic but the kit is verylong when it´s put together and getting any decent pics of the whole Thing was impossible.
The horse traces are made from very thin strips of paper...which took Ages!
My usual Wood effect.
So it fits into the world of bodstonia, the Driver got a head swop using one of the heads from the Italeri (AWI) American Infantry set. By the look of him the ride hasn´t been too comfortable!
Waste not, want not. The head from the Imex bod and the beheaded Italeri bod got joined together to create another militia man (the one on the left) for Bostonia.